Nutrisystem Diabetes Diet

433322-14313-2Diabetics face a lot of difficulties when they try to lose weight. They cannot resort to conventional methods of dieting lest their blood sugar level falls below normal. Blood glucose level that is lower than normal can lead to fainting or even worse consequences. A healthy diet accompanied by an exercise routine is important to control the level of blood glucose level.

To aid Type II diabetics or people suffering from diabetes mellitus, Nutrisystem has come up with a special plan called Nutrisystem D. The plan has been quite successful in helping diabetics lose weight and normalize their levels of triglycerides and blood glucose.

Specifics of the Nutrisystem Diabetes Diet

The Nutrisystem Diabetes Diet supplies buyers with shelf stable and frozen meals for 28 days. The meals are divided into 6 small portions so that consumers can munch on them through the day without causing a spike in their blood glucose level.

The food stuffs contain less than 2300mg of sodium which is very healthy for the heart as it regulates blood pressure. Subscribers looking for food products that contain even lower levels of sodium can get them on the website. The food provided measures low on the glycaemic index implying that the food digests and releases energy slowly and steadily, thereby preventing sudden rises in blood glucose level. The meals are rich in fibres, whole wheat, vegetables and other food products that take some time be digested and hence forms a core part of the low glycaemic meal.

One does not need to pay anything to sign up for a plan. The meals are reasonably priced and they are delivered to one’s doorstep. The basic plan offered by Nutrisystem will cost one $8 per day. For better guidance on diet and health habits, subscribers can consult certified diabetes experts working with the manufacturer. Apart from certified diabetes specialists, users can consult other subscribers for their experience of weight loss through the online community. Queries of subscribers are answered at all times of the day through online messenger services and toll free numbers.

How effective is the plan?

Users of Nutrisystem D have managed to lose weight by up to 16 times than what they would have lost if they had continued with a regular plan. The meals help to reduce the levels of triglycerides by 42.7mg and cholesterol by 20.9 mg. Triglycerides are a form of saturated fats that that can cause heart attacks, if it is present in excess. Therefore, the diet is not only advisable for diabetics but it also helps to keep the heart healthy.

By following this diet plan, subscribers can lower their blood glucose level by almost 5 times and also their A1C level by 16%. After consuming these meals for a month, consumers have lowered their fasting blood glucose level from 149.5 to 115.2. The speciality of the plan is that it restricts the calorie consumption to 1200 cals for women and 1500 cals for men without depriving the body of its required level of nutrition. Protein shakes and supplements are available separately that one can order in case they feel that the level of protein is low in their meals.